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is the qualified partner for Institutional Investors and listed and not listed International Corporations that looks for selling or purchasing opportunities scrictly appraised more than EUR 100,000,000 mainly in Europe, Asia, Pacific, North America and Latin America.

We act in
  • International bids handling for corporate transfers (Audit, memorandum information, market study, scanning/selection and contact with potential purchasers, short list, data room, negociations, sale price optimization, ...)

  • For sale corporates search complying with specific required criteria such as industry & geographical sectors, turnovers, EBITDA, profits, rentability, debt, growth, prospects, know-how, valorisation, ...

In the framework of
  • Leveraged transfer/acquisition operations (MBO, MBI, BIMBO, ...) in development & transmission projects

  • build up & spin off operations

  • Replacement capital blocks

  • Fundings, risks-capital

  • Minority/Majority interests

  • Recovery operations

Carries on its missions with exclusive under
Selling mandates 42% - Buying mandates 58%
Success fees without any retaining fees

Acts in operations valorized at an average of EUR 280,000,000.
With Industrials (47%) and Institutionnal

And relies on an international network of around 280 correspondents-executives (53%)

We will be in a position to release our references on the occasion of a first meeting.

has been built its expertise in the following industry sectors
(accrued % expressed regarding the carried operations number)

Casinos 8%
Hotels & Resorts 23%
Fashion houses 2%
Vinyards 8%
Insurance & Reinsurance 2%
Plastic & Aluminium packaging 10%
Amusement parks 2%
Distribution 2%
Trading 9%
Spirits & wines - Food products
Chimical - Cosmetics 3%
Restaurants chains 2%
Food industry 2%
Telecoms 2%
Buildings 5%
Technological 4%
Clinics/Old people homes 3%
Mines 1%
Cleaning 4%
Catering 1%
Ingineering 3%
Corporates advisers 1%
Construction 1%
Metallic industry 1%
International logistic 1%

Geographical breakdown
(accrued % expressed regarding the carried operations number)

North & South Americas

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